Lecture/Art Gallery #3: Transparent Music Video

The Art Gallery room within the SET building showed the work processes of a music video with the soundtrack used for Nascar: The Game. The music itself was done by the Hornell Rock band named Transparent. The video has a sort of stop-motion appeal to it with a drawn out, watercolor effect to give it a sort of surrealistic look. The background gives the animation a very climactic and epic feel to it.

They made a snow mountain background within the film by setting up rocks, putting powder on them, and then give it a close-up shot with a blurred effect, making it blend with the rest of the background. The effect added to the hills were made in photoshop; they composited images of different backdrops within another photo of a hill. The Smoke was created by liquid dynamics, experimenting with food coloring, alcohol, milk, and paint. 

The room shows many different storyboards and sketches, displaying character placement, the frames used, sketched out effects, and subtitles explaining the scene and how it was made. The effects used to place a background behind the characters was made with the use of the green screen and chroma keying. Over 6,000 frames were used within the project.

The band members:
Matt Sassano – Vocals and lyrics
Quentin Olix – Guitar
Bradley Meise – Guitar
Jesse Sprinkle – Drums
Janelle Sassano – Keys
Ben Taft – Screams
Robert Cox – Bass
(The ones  highlighted acted in the video) 

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